Pest Management

camara deteccion insectos

For the control of insect pests, we have totally autonomous equipment, powered by battery and solar panel that incorporates a high resolution camera through which photographs are taken and passed through an artificial intelligence system that analyses them and counts the number of insects and distinguishes the type of insects.

The images taken by the camera can be viewed on the FC platform. The artificial intelligence is able to detect the insects automatically, being able to identify the gender of the insects. The program allows manual detection of insects and helps the algorithm to be more efficient in its detections.

gesion de plagas
camara detección de plagas

Insect monitoring makes it possible to draw up a population dynamics curve for the pest, providing essential information for control purposes.

información evolución plagas en cultivos

iScout Station


Electronic trap with high definition camera

  • Counting the number of insects
  • Automatic identification until order
  • Flight curves and population dynamics

Different models of stations adapted to the pests to be monitored

  • Food attractant
  • Pheromones
  • Bedbug and beetle traps
  • Colour traps

Possibility to add sensors

Possibility to access disease models

estación iscout
Bedbug and beetle traps
camara para detección de plagas
Chromatic traps
trampa electronica con camara
trampa para conteo de insectos
Food attractant