Atlas and Irrigation

atlas dos salidas
automatización riego metos

ATLAS Two Outlets - NBIoT

IoT device capable of controlling the opening/closing – switching on/off of two components of the hydraulic system automatically and/or remotely in real time
o Irrigation pumps
o Fertiliser spreaders
o Solenoid valves
o Filtering systems

Automatic irrigation management

Connection to two flowmeters for the management of water and fertiliser consumption.
and fertiliser consumption management
Connection to a pressure sensor to stop the pumping system
and avoid failures in case of abnormal values.
Programming by time, flow rate or intelligent programming based on sensor
intelligent programming based on METOS sensor readings

Annual fee for communication and platform required

Hydraulic and irrigation system supplies

❖ Metal and plastic solenoid valves
❖ Irrigation tapes and hoses

❖ Sprinkler systems
❖ Filtration systems

In addition, we have all kinds of materials for all irrigation systems.