Machinery tracking

With iMETOS WorkTrack you have your fleet always under full control. The iMETOS WorkTrack agricultural GPS tracking unit combined with Beacons devices allows you to manage your machinery fleet tracking and asset tracking to manage your entire farm.

On our FieldClimate platform, you can view your vehicles and implements and have all the data stored on where and what operations you are running, as well as records of machine travel, speed and idle time.

From the management platform, you can remotely view information about all the agricultural work you are carrying out, such as fertilisations, spraying, sowing, harvesting, etc. iMETOS WorkTrack connects all agricultural equipment automatically and quickly.

Companies that have implemented iMETOS WorkTrack have improved their efficiency by 25-30% while reducing fuel consumption by 15%. Most companies have seen these benefits within their first 30 days of activation.

seguimiento maquinaria

iMETOS Worktrack

  • GPS unit for machinery tracking.
    • Link capacity with 20 Beacons
    • Takes position and velocity every 5 seconds and sends it to the
      to platform every 30
    • It is vibration activated and can be connected to permanent power sources (tractor battery).
      permanent power sources (tractor battery)
  • Beacons – Bluetooth GPS unit for implements
    • Positioning and mileage
    • Speed
    • Working times
    • Journey history