Irrigation Automation

The Altas devices allow you to control the different components of the irrigation system remotely and in real time.

The devices are placed in each component of the system and are connected via NbIoT technology, leaving aside the limitation of distance between components and without the need to create specific communication networks.

The platform, accessible by computer or mobile app, replaces the programmer by allowing action based on time, flow rate or sensors.

METOS IBERIA stations are fully integrated with Altlas devices, so that we can perform intelligent programming in order to activate the system based on the reading of the sensors. This allows the device to go into action autonomously when the monitored parameter reaches the selected threshold.


Frost and freeze protection: programmed according to the air temperature. The sprinkler system will be automatically activated when the temperature drops to 0 °C or reaches the selected upper threshold.

Irrigation management: programming according to soil moisture content. When the volumetric water content of the soil drops to the recharge point, the system will be automatically activated, preventing the crop from being under water stress.

The incorporation of flowmeters and pressure transducers provides protection against system failures, such as a pressure increase due to the failure of a valve or solenoid, thus avoiding breakdowns.

control automatico del riego cultivos
automatización riego
atlas dos salidas
automatización riego metos

ATLAS Two Outlets - NBIoT

IoT device capable of controlling the opening/closing – switching on/off of two components of the hydraulic system automatically and/or remotely in real time
o Irrigation pumps
o Fertiliser spreaders
o Solenoid valves
o Filtering systems

Automatic Irrigation Management

Connection to two flow meters for the management of water and fertiliser consumption.
and fertiliser consumption
Connection to pressure sensor to stop the pumping system
and avoid failures in the event of abnormal values.
Programming by time, flow rate or intelligent programming based on sensor
intelligent programming based on METOS sensor readings

Requires annual fee for communication and platform

Hydraulic and irrigation system supplies

❖ Metal and plastic solenoid valves
❖ Irrigation tapes and hoses

❖ Sprinkler systems
❖ Filtration systems

In addition, we have all kinds of materials for all irrigation systems.