modulo satelital detecta diferencias foliares
ubicación zona de cultivo
control del cultivo con imagenes satelitales

With the premium section of the platform you can access data from the farm perspective, determining the different crop zones.
The combination of field data and satellite images allows you to make decisions to match the heterogeneity of the farm and increase the efficiency and production of the system.

  • Water Balances Module – Allows to know the soil water content
    content of water in the soil, taking into account ET0, state of crop
    development status of the crop, rainfall and irrigation events.
  • Soil Moisture Module – allows characterisation of each monitored soil profile and use of the water summation tool for better irrigation management.
  • Satellite Module – Obtain satellite images with the Leaf Area Index (LAI) and Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) throughout the crop cycle. With a resolution of 10 m, you can detect differences at crop level and make management decisions to correct them.
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