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It is an initiative of the Government of Spain, within the framework of the Spain Digital Agenda 2025, the SME Digitalisation Plan 2021-2025 and the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for Spain – Funded by the European Union – Next Generation EU (Digital Kit Programme).

What is the objective?

The digitisation of small and medium-sized enterprises, micro-enterprises and self-employed people, promoting and subsidising solutions to increase productivity through digitisation and innovation.

What does it offer?

A digital voucher with a financial amount for you to manage by choosing one or more digital solutions from those offered by the digitising agents that develop the catalogue services:

Who are the beneficiaries and what is the amount of the voucher?

Three segments of beneficiaries are established according to the number of employees:

1)Segment I – between 10 and less than 50 employees – up to 12000 €.

2)Segment II – between 3 and less than 10 employees – up to 6000 €.

3)Segment III – between 0 and less than 3 employees – up to 2000 €.

Categories of digitisation solutions

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In which category does METOS IBERIA classify as a digitising agent?

Process Management: aims to digitalise and/or automate processes related to operational or productive aspects, within the framework of resource management and optimisation projects.

Solution: Software for the management of production processes based on the farm’s own climatology and weather forecasts, water balances, crop monitoring through satellite images and disease management based on pathogen modelling, integrating agro-climatic stations.



0 > 3 employees


3 > 9 employees


9 > 50 employees

Process Management2000 €3000 €6000 €

What services does METOS IBERIA offer?

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What solutions does METOS IBERIA offer?

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