Disease Patterns

The characterisation of the main pathogens causing disease in different crops has allowed the development of prediction models fed with climatic parameters monitored by METOS stations.

These models require a series of parameters such as air temperature and relative humidity, leaf wetness and rainfall. In this way, we can provide an index of the risk of infection of these pathogens on the farm itself.

By having a disease management station and a licence for disease models, we can act early according to the risk of infection. Thus, we can carry out preventive treatments in time, before the disease appears in our crop.

At the same time, we can evolve from a protection system based on scheduled applications to a system in which phytosanitary treatments are carried out only if there is a risk of disease according to the environmental conditions of the farm.

By applying disease models, the aim is to reduce the number of applications and increase their efficiency by applying them at optimal times.

Mathematical Model




herramientas para la prediccion de enfermedads
Modelo de enfermedades agricultura

Modelled crops

Some of the pathogens modelled

  • Oidio
    • Uncinula necátor
    • Phyllactinia guttata
    • Pseudoperonospora sp.
    • Sphaerotheca Pannosa
    • Leveillula Taurica
  • Mildiu
  • Bremia Lactucae
  • Peronospora destructor
  • Pseudoperonospora sp.
  • Plasmopara halstedii
  • Plasmopara viticola
    • Alternaria
    • Septoria
  • Secalis
  • Triiticci
    • Botrytris
  • Cinerea
  • Squamosa
    • Spilocaea oleagina
    • Monilia laxa
enfermedades patogenos
enfermedades en cultivo
  • Phythopthora
      • Frey
      • Noblight
      • Pronostico negativo
      • Winstell cast
      • Blight castinfestans
    • Capsici
    • cactorum
  • Sclerotinia
  • Fusarium
  • Venturia inaequalis
  • Cladosporium Carpophilum
  • Stemphylium vesicarium
  • Colletotrichum spp.
  • Phomopsis
  • Wilsonomyces carpophilus
  • Pseudomonas
  • Helmintosporium
  • Cercospora
granado con patogenos
pimiento afectado por enfermedad
tronco con patogenos